Hands On

The #JanuaryJoy join in today is Monday Mani or Proper Pedicure. Until I fell pregnant, I could count the number of times I’d had a Pedicure on one hand. Then, due to bump logistics, a Pedicure not only became a necessity, but a welcome rest for a bit of me time.

Although I’m now most certainly a Pedicure convert (and I’m not just talking file & polish, it’s the whole foot bath, scrub, scary razor-tool schbang), my loyalty will still lie with my hands (sorry feet).

Having a manicure, whether DIY (which it is 80% of the time) or not, makes me feel completely done. There’s something about tidy hands which gives a lasting impression.

I can’t say that’s me right now though. This happened yesterday, and I’m gutted as my nails were finally getting back to normal post-baby. Boo.

It’s always the same finger in the same hand too. I should know better than to let my nails grow beyond a certain length but c’est la vie. It’ll grow. I always find my nails last longer if they are polished, perhaps as I’m more careful.

Anyway. Today’s #JanuaryJoy therefore won’t be an actual Mani, but a look back on my favourites from recent times. The first, on our Wedding Day…

Shellac, and a little OTT, it was the first time I’d tried the treatment (two days before the wedding) and I wasn’t disappointed. It lasted three weeks!

Now, here’s a roundup of some colour…

Nudes at the top (both colours were NailsInc freebies with InStyle, DIY) and the bottom some Brights (left, NailsInc Victoria & Albert, Salon done; right, Illamasqua Collide, DIY).

The time of year and my mood dictates my colour choice. I sometimes deviate to a blue, purple or grey, but rarely. I’ve also tried some of the Ciate manicure sets (Caviar & Sequin) but wasn’t that impressed.

I’m looking forward to my next Mani soon, once my nail is back. I do wish there were more places in London like there is in NYC where a Mani/Pedi is quick, and cheap. I’d go Pro much more often. Until then, DIY (80% of the time) will have to suffice.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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