The Marathon Diaries: Week 6

Marathon Training Week 6


98 Days to go.

In three months and eight days, I shall be sitting here, hopefully, nursing some aching limbs  with medal in hand. It’s now less than 100 days away, and this weekend, I NEARLY completed a Half.

My training diary was saying 2 hours 15 mins, or 9 miles. I decided that since I ran 10 miles last weekend in JUST under two hours, I’d go for the length of time, since I need to work on endurance anyway. The Nike Running App I use then told me, after I’d entered in 2 hours 15 mins as my target time, that I could cover 13.1 miles in (or a Half Marathon) in 2 hours and 24 mins, based on the average pace I’ve been clocking on my last seven runs. “There’s my goal” I thought, and off I went.

One of the things I struggle with most is routes. As I train on my own, I want to know where I’m going, and more importantly, have the ability to be able to tell my Husband where I’m going should I get into trouble. I therefore tend to stay on the road, using main routes. The downside of this is that I don’t use the many tracks there are around Reigate and the North Downs, as they are not accessible by car, and frankly, I’d be a bit scared to run them alone, even in the daylight. With this in mind, my route yesterday took me to Dorking. Six miles along the A25 from Reigate, it’s relatively flat (so a good emulation of the London route) and running there and back would mean I got to my goal.

The run there was uneventful. I felt fine, despite the cold weather, and 10K passed pretty quickly actually. It’ true what some say. 20 minutes can feel like 5 minutes to the actual runner. The trouble came when I started the run back. Around 13K my feet started to feel really numb, a really bad case of going beyond pins and needles. At 15k I had to stop and walk for just under a kilometre. When I started to run again, I’d got cold and so stiff, that the rest of the way home was a stop-start run-walk fiasco. I really shouldn’t have stopped running at 15K, but I really struggle with jogging slowly. I feel I can walk faster!

By the time I reached home, dead on 20K, I was spent and my feet felt like wood. Ten minutes of good stretching, a hot shower and a Jacket Potato later I was feeling normal again, except a slight niggle in my right knee (which feels pretty stiff today, boo). Does anyone have any idea what happened to my feet? It felt like my shoes suddenly became too small, but obviously that didn’t happen. I’d love to get a professionals view.

Still, onwards and upwards. I’m pleased I managed to stay out for over 2 hours 15 minutes despite the walking, and also managed to hit my longest distance at 20K. Let’s hope this week gets the feet sorted, and that the forecasted snow doesn’t hinder training too much.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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