Local Living: Everyman Reigate

To those who are used to living in a big city, the historic market-town of Reigate, nestled at the foot of the North Downs, would feel almost village-like, however to us, its our welcome escape from the bright lights and bustle that is London.

Although small-ish, Reigate still offers everything a family would need, perhaps even more, and today’s Local Living is no exception.

 The #JanuaryJoy for today is Go to the Cinema, so whilst Husband and I can’t do this on the spur of the moment as we used to, its great that we have one locally should we wish to indulge (with the help of a caring Grandparent!)

 Reigate Cinema

Formerly The Screen at Reigate and now part of the Everyman Cinema group, Reigate’s cinema is very special. Housing only two screens, with ticket prices en par with those at bigger Multiplex’s (Cineworld at Crawley being the nearest), what you get from seeing a movie in Reigate far exceeds any other cinema experience (except for perhaps IMAX and 3D of course!).

Normal films are viewed in “old-Skool” style velvet seats that are very comfy, there is a full bar so those wanting a small tipple with their films are obliged and just before the film you’ve actually bought tickets to see starts (after the trailers), either the very passionate manager or one of his staff kindly shout “Ice-Cream” to make sure that craving is dealt with too.

Reigate Cinema Bar

The Everyman Reigate cinema experience is definitely one that Husband and I favour, not least because we can actually walk there from home.

As Little Man gets older too they run a Kids Club, where by their own admission they  “Bring back the magic of a morning at the movies”. On Saturday mornings they host children’s films with activities for kids aged 4 – 10. Films start between 10am and 12 noon on Saturday mornings. Perfect for Dad time with the children whilst Mum can get things done (or have time to herself!)

So what do you think? Would you prefer the nice, intimate setting that Reigate Cinema offers? Have you been to an Everyman near you? I’d love to hear.

Our current film cravings are The Impossible, Life of Pi, and Jack Reacher then mine is Les Mis (although not sure about all the Evita-esque singing as I’m not a great lover of Stage Musicals) and Hubby’s is The Hobbit. I think there might be a renewal of the Blockbuster card in the offing!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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