Welcome to Emerald City

SS13 is peppered with bright, jewel coloured tones which I’m absolutely over the moon about. From Fuchsia to Cobalt Blue, they shine through the main trend colour that is white, making them really come alive.

I’m glad because my skin tone is not good with pastels. After having my colours done as part of a Wedding prep experience with a friend a few years ago, my dark hair, eyes and olive skin suit jewels, pure white and pure black. Although I do wear pastels carefully, most wash me out. SS12 was a nightmare.

This is where Emerald Green comes in, not least because its Pantone’s 2013 colour of the year.

My love for green has only just begun and I think its down to a hang up passed on to me from my Mum who loathes it. Emerald Green is so calming, yet so stunning… especially when paired against black, or white for this summer as I’ll be doing.

The image above (thanks to ShopBop) made me consider this fabulous colour more. Here’s a roundup of what’s out there that I’m loving in Emerald…

I bought a dress from Per Una last year and I’m glad I’ll be able to get to style it again for this summer.

Will you be wearing green for SS13? Emerald or more Minty?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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