A Little Escape…


This year marks our Second Wedding anniversary and today’s #JanuaryJoy is all about planning a Getaway. Having spent last year either pregnant or with babe in arms, a short break away with the Husband will be a welcome one (although I’m no doubt that I will miss our Little Man).

The last few holidays we have been on have been long ones. We’re very lucky to have been on a trip to Australia, a Miami break with Caribbean cruise, and Honeymoon in Hawaii & West Coast USA, all in the last two years. They have been marvellous trips, but for a guy who is scared of flying, they have tested my Husband to the limit. Between us, our bucket list of must-do trips is long, but thinking about our Anniversary, and the time of year that it falls (March), a short break somewhere closer to home will be just what the doctor ordered.

The following are current favourites for a two, perhaps three night getaway…

IcelandIceland. A firm favourite with both of us, this amazing destination has been in talks for a while. We’d love to be able to experience Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon, Geysers, rugged lunar-landscape and the promise of the Aurora Borealis that this stunning place offers.


Bruges. The Medieval draw of Bruges, and of course the chocolate and myriad of beers (I’m a bit partial to a fruit beer) is so exciting. That coupled with the fact that it’s only a three or so hour trip on Eurostar makes this destination very appealing as a short-break.

AmsterdamAmsterdam. We have both been to Amsterdam on separate occasions, me whilst at University on a field trip (24 hours on a coach from Leeds!) and more recently with work, and Richard when he was Year 9 or 10, so to visit together would be lovely. Strolls along the canals, the Tulip fields (perfection in the Spring, AND it’s my favourite flower!) and a buzzy night-scene (ahem) would make the perfect trip.

BostonBoston. Slightly more extravagant for a two-to-three night break, we do love our US City Breaks. A five hour flight really Richard’s limit for this particular trip, and although this is appealing, my heart is telling me that I’d prefer to do this city as part of a bigger East-Coast Fly/Drive in the Fall, so we can experience Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod at their finest.

I am though still really lured by somewhere hot, having not really seen the sun properly since September 2011. I’d love to go to Dubai but as Richard rightly says, we can’t really go for just three nights, and a six and a half hour flight isn’t really a short one, therefore this has been vetoed!

What do you think? I know the whole of Europe is on our doorstep but we have a summer holiday already booked that ticks off a lot of the usual destinations. Are these good choices for a short break away in the Spring, or are there others we should be considering? I’d love to know…

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X


5 thoughts on “A Little Escape…

  1. Iceland, Iceland, Iceland! I would definitely recommend a trip to Iceland!

    We had a long weekend last January and it was beautiful. The Blue Lagoon is also one of the most relaxing experiences I can remember having. They have little pots of silica mud around the side to mask your face and back, if you want to and a floating bar, selling drinks and ice creams. It really is bliss and Iceland’s landscape is stunning. For a picture of me jumping at a volcanic crator (!), http://littlepiecesofhappy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/2012-year-in-review.html Sadly, we didn’t catch a great view of the Northern Lights, but we did see a shooting star and the stars alone were pretty special!

  2. Erin, you should try Dubrovnik for a wonderfully romantic short break. There are some beautiful harbouside restaurants just by the water in the old town with lots of tables for two and romantic candlelit atmospheres at night for lovely long languishing dinners over a bottle of wine! As it’s not in the Eurozone yet it’s cheaper as well :-). We went for a family holiday in September but i want to go with Tim again as couldn’t really enjoy how wonderful it is. The old town walls are spectacular and I remember there is a Hilton very close to the old town :-). Happy planning! Claire x ps I love your blog BTW!

    • Thanks Claire. We are actually going to Dubrovnik this summer as part of our Holiday in July. I love it. Have been before with work, but would definately like to explore there more. In fact, the whole of that Adriatic Coast appeals. Montenegro is on my wish list! So many place, so little time! Thanks for the comments on the Blog too 🙂

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