Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest

For those of you that have been following this blog, you’ll know that 2013 will be the year that I attempt to run the London Marathon. Currently, more semi-fit than fittest, it is one of my New Year’s resolutions to be the fittest I’ve ever been. I think that by running 26.2 miles I can safely say that this will probably be achieved.

Fitness for me though isn’t just about a one-off goal, it’s more of a way of life, something that I like to have in my weekly, if not daily schedule. Exercise makes me feel so much better, and after a spell of completing at least four workouts a week, I not only feel really good, but I also sleep much better and am much less stressed.

I’m a creature of habit though when it comes to exercise, very much favouring the Gym above anything else. At school, I took part in all the team sports, and rather enjoyed a game of Netball or Lacrosse in our scheduled PE classes, but I never did over and above what was required. Exercising in the Gym has been part of my routine, on and off, since I was about 17. Training for the Marathon, and the road running that that entails, has therefore taken me right out of my comfort zone.

Today’s #JanuaryJoy though has got me thinking about my exercise regime and perhaps shaking it up a bit. There is only so much of the cross-trainer, bike and treadmill one girl can take! I do enjoy classes, but they have to be the right ones. BodyPump, BodyCombat and Spin are all indoor favourites, and I’m lucky that the Fitness First I go to offers all of these. I’ve also enjoyed a stint of BMF before we got married after winning 6-months membership, but my monthly gym membership meant I didn’t renew.

I’ve never really gotten on with Pilates, but became a huge fan of Yoga whilst I practiced it ante-natally. The feeling of calm, the depth of breathing and the stretch it gave my body really helped me during pregnancy and I’m sure contributed to my relatively easy (in the grand scheme of things) labour.

I also like the odd Fitness DVD with any one from the Davina series being the choice. She’s not annoying, and I’ve seen good results whilst sticking with them for a while.

Once the Marathon is done therefore (I’m concentrating my efforts on preparing for this race at the moment), I am going to try the following:

  • Hot Bikram Yoga – this really appeals and I’m curious to know what it feels like, and what it can do if followed for a sustained period. There’s a place near my office that offers it, which is also handy.
  • TRX training – luckily Fitness First offer this as part of their Freestyle Training programme. The idea of using my own body-weight to tone up is really interesting.
  • Pole Fitness – no, not because the Husband wants me to, but because I’m a bit obsessive about my arms and would love to have more upper body strength than I currently do, plus, it’s a bit of fun isn’t it? There’s a new class running where I live, so again, convenient for me to try.

I’ll share my findings with you once I’ve tried them out. Have any of you tried any of the above or have any other recommendations I might like to try? I hope that at least one becomes part of my regular fitness regime.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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