Dadulthood: Coming Home

Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away.

A great line probably said by someone very important, however I am stealing it from the film Hitch (not ashamed to say one on my favourite films) as it works for my next post.

After our little man was born, he and my wife stayed in hospital for a few days but on July 4th, we were going home. Everyone has always said you remember that first drive home. I don’t.

I recall the fear of getting into the lift at the hospital, the distinct feeling that we were on now our own. I remember the click of the IsoFix base as I put him in his car seat, looking so tiny, into the car for the first time. But I don’t remember the drive. It passed in a blur.

However what I do remember is that moment when you close the front door for the first time and you stand in your living room, arm round your wife looking at your baby, big eyes staring back at you. Just the three of you.

It is a moment filled with happiness, excitement and a bit of fear. I wouldn’t change that memory for a second. If someone offered me a million pounds in exchange for erasing that memory, I’d turn them down. It was one of those moments that will flash before my eyes on a near death experience (probably the wife driving) but you must protect it.

A new baby is exciting for everyone… friends and family, especially if it’s a first little one. On talking to friends, many came home to parents or loved ones waiting to greet them with fanfare. Whilst this is great, I would encourage you to come home alone, just the three of you. Its’s honestly a moment you will never forget. Cherish it forever.


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