Local Living: The Beauty Room at Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey ReigateHaving been able to experience what our local town has to offer over the last six months, I’ve been lucky enough to visit the lovely Kayleigh at The Beauty Room at Guy Harvey a couple of times. The catalyst for me visiting her was going on Maternity Leave and in need of a beautician nearer home, since the one I frequented was near my office for pure ease.

The Beauty Room is located in a lovely Salon-cum-Haridressers (Paul Kemsley, more on him later) on Lesbourne Road in Reigate, very near to where we live – literally a five minute walk. It’s a bright, cute place where they serve REAL coffee in individual caffitieres no less whilst you are waiting. Lovely.

The reason for this post however was not just to extol the virtues of Kayleigh’s sunny personality and lovely treatments. The #JanuaryJoy event today was “Overhaul your skincare” and whilst being away from work, I had a Galvanic facial treatment.

I’m not normally one for facials. I’m pretty picky with my skincare routine, especially on my face. I know what I like and like what I know, and that comes in the form of (mostly) Dermalogica.

The reason I was convinced by Kayleigh to try this particular facial is that she uses Dermalogica products, so I was not wary of my skin reacting badly, since I use the products daily already. After a routine Face Mapping, the correct products were chosen and the treatment began.

The basic crux of a Galvanic treatment is that product is applied to the skin with a roller, meaning that you get a deeper clean, or a balancing treatment, depending on your skin type. Having had a baby eight-weeks prior to having this done, my skin was finally settling down to it’s combination-self, so Kayleigh was able to really help me with my various concerns. I loved it. Not only was the treatment so relaxing, my skin had never looked and felt better. A cliche I know, but I was positively glowing.

Today’s #JanuaryJoy got me thinking about overhauling my skincare, and whilst I’m largely happy with the products I use on a daily basis, I would seriously now invest in this treatment on monthly to six-weekly basis. Some great me time (the treatment is an hour and a half) and great skin – that’s got to be a good combination no?

I would urge anyone in the East Surrey area to give Kayleigh a call and try one of her facials, or any treatment in fact. You really won’t be disappointed.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X


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