The Marathon Diaries: Week 5

105 days to go

15 weeks remaining of training. Honestly, time flies when you try and fit so much in.

Week 4 of training was a bit of a disaster but it was Christmas & New Year and it was baby’s first. Family time seemed much more important to me. After all, you don’t get the time back do you?

So on with week 5, and I’ve run for the longest time! Progress, yipee! My training plan said two hours or 8 miles, whichever was less but as I ran 8 miles in an hour and a half last long run, and I wanted to test my endurance, I decided that a goal of two hours was the better option. Just over 10.5 miles in two hours… Not bad!

My pace could have been better. I was aiming at 6.5km a minute steady but netted out at 7km/min as I had a walk a few sections towards the end. My blister was playing up… Boo. Plus the hills in Reigate are a killer (as I’ve said before). I swear I could walk faster up them.

I’m feeling pretty achy today but some good stretches last night helped and I may go for a swim today for a bit of cross-training. I may. The lure of a lie-in is appealing.

Come next week my training will become more structured as I’m back to work full time, and running along the Thames (part of the race route) will help. Let’s see shall we?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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