Tuesday Shoes-Day

New Look Dark Red Slipper Shoes

I know its not Tuesday, but my days are all off kilter from Christmas, I don’t actually know what day it is!

Today’s shoe of choice were some Slipper Shoes from New Look. I actually love New Look shoes. Most are waaaaaaaaay too high for even me. The perilous platforms and tiny heels are long behind me, but the size and fit of New Look shoes is still good for my feet in other styles. I have especially grown fond of their flat range whilst on Maternity Leave.

I bought these as they were in an offer, but also because I liked the Dark Red/ Burgundy colour. It was a nice way to add a bit of Oxblood to my AW wardrobe whilst still being pram-practical!

They’ve actually not had that much wear since they are faux-suede and all the rain we’ve had would mean wet feet in seconds, but they did a job today whilst our running a few post-Holiday errands.

Today I’m wearing them with:

  • Black Quilted Gilet – Limited Collection M&S
  • Navy Sparkle Knit top (currently in the sale) – Zara
  • Black Sheen-Jersey Vest – Aubin & Wills
  • Black Skinny Trousers – Primark

These would look as good with a skirt and black tights for a pop of colour as they do barefooted like I’m wearing then today. A really great shoe for pepping up your wardrobe. New Look actually have some similar styles left in their sale. Quick, you may be lucky!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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