Dadulthood… Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

I have always preferred to contemplate the year just gone on New Years Day rather than New Years Eve. It seems odd to think about the year you are leaving when you have often the messiest, most gossip-fuelled evening still to come.

So here we are, New Years Day 2013. In one way 2012 was the greatest year of my life as my beautiful wife and I were blessed with a gorgeous, healthy little boy who brings us tremendous joy and happiness. In another I had three jobs, and an up and down year with my Crohns, but all in all, an excellent year.

2012 was also my first attempt at fatherhood, and so far it seems to be going ok… The boy seems happy, is growing well and always seems glad to see me, so not a bad start. There are things I would change if I had a lottery win but even then it wouldn’t be a great a deal.

Not seeing him awake in the week is a killer…leaving when he is asleep and getting home when he is asleep is the main thing I would change. 2013 is the year I try and address the work life balance…call it a resolution.

Speaking of resolutions I have the standard one – lose weight. At the heaviest I have ever been, I need to get to the gym, or get Little Man walking so I can chase him round the park.

The other more private resolution is to make the most of the weekends with my wife and son. It means no Super Sunday, but I am sure those weekends will have many more happy moments than watching my beloved Newcastle lose…again.

The final resolution is keep being the best Dad and Husband I can be. I don’t always get it right but you just have to keep trying and that is the best advice I can give right now…just keep trying!

Happy New Year everyone


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