Inspired by J.Crew

In an attempt to actually get wear from the clothes that are in my frankly overflowing drawers and wardrobes, I thought I’d start to seek outfit inspiration to help me re-style what I already have. I enjoy a blog called J’s Everyday Fashion who is the Queen of this inspiration idea.

Although seasons do change there are some items that come back around (for instance the Military coat I have which I bought back in 2008 was a firm staple this AW), so keeping current isn’t usually a problem. That and also the fact that I’m not an absolute slave to fashion being brought up by a Mother who has a “who wants to be a sheep anyway” non-conformist attitude.

Here’s my take on an outfit inspired by J.Crew. I do love the classic American-ness of the brand and am over-excited about the store opening in London next year. The outfit I’m wearing though has less to do with actual J.Crew clothes but more the colour combos. I know that Florence Finds uses their Outfit Guides in this way as well.

I have styled my Burgundy Jeans (Primark) with a White Shirt (Zara), Navy Cardigan (Zara) and Leopard pumps
(Autograph M&S) to achieve a similar look. I’m pretty happy with it (this was for a casual occasion) but I think it could work better with heels and a full Navy top for work/a smart occasion. I’ll definitely be trying that out.

Hope you enjoyed this post… There will be more in this vein, and you can see what inspires me in the meantime by following my Pinterest Board aptly named ‘Outfit Inspiration’.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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