Dadulthood… The Beginning

I set up Love from Cornfield back in the Summer to be a place where I can not only share the things I love, but also diary all the important events of my life over the coming weeks, months and years. Becoming a mother has given me a new perspective on almost everything, but that perspective can sometimes be very one-sided. So… I’d like to introduce you to Dadulthood

Dadulthod will be a series of posts by my Husband on his new-found status, giving HIS perspective on what’s going on. I won’t be introducing every post like this as he’ll have his own voice for these, but this serves as a nice starting point. So let me introduce you to Mr Cornfield. Over to you…

Sometimes life is a strange beast. Five years ago sitting in Victoria Station at Midnight on a Wednesday night was a badge of honour, something that I would boast about tomorrow, that reminded me of a career in Media that I have had for the past 10 years.

Then, a nine-hour ordeal (trust me, it doesn’t hurt us much but is an ordeal nonetheless) and a healthy, happy little boy later, I’m sitting here again, at Victoria station, and that badge of honour is faded. The stories I boast about now are my Son rolling over, and at Midnight waiting for my train, I miss my Wife, my Son and my home. 

The fact I even wrote that scares me. A year ago I would’ve happily be buying a round of Jaegerbombs, drinking until the early hours, but on July 1, 2012 it changed, and for the better. Until then, I didn’t realise fully what I had. My wife is out of my league, one of those genuinely easy-going people that I truly don’t deserve. My Son, almost six months old, is a happy, funny little boy who can make me smile even on the worst of days. 

Dadulthood will be a series of posts on Love from Cornfield (thanks to my wife for sharing her space), and will be a précis of my time as a husband and a Dad. I don’t have any answers – this will be a forum to share what I have learnt. My view of the world. Hopefully it will entertain a few people anyway!

Do I miss the Jaegerbombs at Midnight? Yes! But not as much as I thought I would.




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