Tuesday Shoes-Day

Topshop Vivid Heavy Stud Ballet Pumps

Topshop Vivid Heavy Stud Ballet Pumps in Black/Rose Gold

I’m not entirely sure when my fascination (read: obsession) with Rose Gold began, but I’m going to put it down to Honeymoon when my new hubby very kindly bought me my Michael Kors Chrono as a post-wedding gift (very lucky me!). Since then, I’ve aquired a few pieces of jewellry to match the watch, and my wardrobe has also seen some additions too.

These pumps were bought this Summer from Topshop on Oxford Street during a shopping/day out trip with the Husband post baby arriving. We had a few hours to spare and spent the day playing Mini-Golf on the roof of Selfridges, shopping a bit, and then supper at Burger & Lobster. A very nice “date” day.

I have the nude pinky pair of these shoes from Topshop too, and I know they aren’t great for walking long distances, but they do serve a good purpose for something to jazz up an outfit. I particularly like that this pair can be worn with black tights too. The studs aren’t too dangerous (as some of this season’s studded beauties have been) and the rose gold gives that nice contrast against the black – somehow proving to be softer than silver.

Today, I am wearing with:

Today I’m at my parents house for a couple of nights whilst Hubby enjoys some Christmas nights out with clients and work so please excuse the photos. Having a baby in the same room, and coming in at post-1am doesn’t mix!

Do you own any of these Topshop Ballet shoes? Do you find them a good wardrobe staple for a quick pick me up like I do?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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