Tuesday Shoes-Day

Autograph Heeled Brogues

Autograph Heeled Lace-Up Brogues

I sometimes look at my Husbands’ Grenson’s, and also the lovely ladies Brogues by Church’s and think that it must be nice to be able to pull off such as shoe. Brogues for me are ubiquitous with English-ness, a shoe that really does transcend seasons and tastes. On our (quite) frequent visits to Bicester, I always pop into the Church’s shop, just to see what they have. However on my feet (size 7), the traditional flat style could end up looking a little too masculine. This is where my heeled brogues come in.

This particular pair are from the M&S Autograph collection, bought about four, maybe five years ago from the A/W collection. They were around £50 and are still some of the most comfortable heels that I own. I could literally wear them day and night.

I love the browny shade of grey that they are, meaning they look good with most colours, and the fact that they can be dressed up or down. The laces have seen better days, and I’m thinking of replacing them with something a little wider to breathe a new lease of life, and look, into them.

I would still love a pair of flat brogues, but the search continues for the best pair. My Mum has a wonderful pair of Red & Black ones that she bought back in the 1990s, but she is a size 5 so a) there is no hope in me borrowing them and b) I revert back to my point of brogues looking better on smaller feet!

Today, I am wearing them with:

  • Bronze Metallic Foil Jersey top – Made by my Mum
  • Fuchsia Wool Ruffle Skirt – Cos
  • Black Opaque tights
  • Rose Gold Chronograph – Michael Kors (Just seen)

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything like it this winter at M&S, and I struggled to find anything like them available at all. This pair from eBay are the closest I could find.

Do you own a pair of brogues, with or without a heel? How do you style them?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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