Oh Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas Tree is up, and I love everything about the tradition of this ritual.

As a child, the tree in our house always went up as soon as we broke up from school (we being my Mum and I as I don’t have siblings and Mum works in a school), and I relished helping decorate it. I’ve always been one for a real tree and it wasn’t until I left home that my parents decided on getting a Faux one. Hats off to good old John Lewis though… it did look pretty real!

Now that we have a home of our own I have continued with the real tree tradition (although I think I must be getting old – I did baulk at the price of them this year!), as I think the smell adds to the Christmas spirit. Pine mixed with some lovely Cinnamon candles creates the perfect, welcoming Christmas atmosphere.

This year I’ve gone smaller than previously bought as the Sitting Room is home to various Baby paraphernalia as well. Clutter is Hubby’s worst nightmare. I’m pleased with it. Continuing the Red and Gold theme from last year, new lights have given it a warmer glow…

I must say it is hard to accommodate wishes, wants and traditions that you have when you become a couple. Hubby and I have very different views – not just about the tree but other Christmas traditions too – but that’s the fun of a family… incorporating and compromising to land somewhere that is YOURS.

My dream is a tree like you see in the American movies… Something out of the Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger catalogues, complete with roaring fire, and lots of luxe cashmere tartan. It could be tall enough to have in a hallway going up through the stairwell. It could be in a cosy den of a room you could curl up in. A girl can dream can’t she?! (Where’s that lottery win?)

Next year, the tree will have to be different. Toddler + Christmas Tree = Disaster. For now though, the twinkling and scent remain for another Festive Season.

Have you decorated your tree yet? Do you have traditions that you stick to?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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