Local Living

Many of you that know me would (probably) automatically assume that I’m a hardened city girl, loving the bright lights and noise that London has to offer, living and breathing it 24/7. I love working in the Capital. Experiencing great food, a buzzy social scene and shopping on an almost daily basis has meant that the things I’m into are easily found and accessible – nipping for something to eat after work with the Hubby, or trying out a new bar. All within easy reach.

However, that’s not always been the case. I’m a country-girl at heart, born in the Home Counties, spending all my youth living in a village with two pubs and no street lights. That changed a bit in the late 90’s when I packed up and went off to University in Leeds – that whole life-chapter giving me the taste of city-living. Despite it’s lure though, my heart will always be in some wooded, country lane.

This is where Local Living comes in. We don’t live in London, we commute in to work, and the place where we live offers me that “Big City Life”, just with country options too. Much more Suburbia than true “living in the sticks”, I’m a firm believer that Reigate is the best of both worlds. This is especially important now we have a small-man in tow.

Local Living will be a series on what’s available for us locally, plus, what I love about living locally. Being on Maternity Leave this past six months has made me realise just how important local businesses are, and it’s so important that we support them.

I hope you will find these posts a good good roundup of what’s available in and around Reigate and the surrounding area – and possibly be the catalyst for you paying a visit to somewhere you’ve not been before.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X


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