Tuesday Shoes-Day

Ash Bea Hi-top Wedge Trainers


Ash Bea Suede Hi-Top Wedge Trainer in Prune/Black/Taupe

Some of you that have been reading from the start will realise that this is the second pair of Wedge trainers that I’ve featured on Tuesday Shoes-Day. Not that I’m obsessed or anything!

This particular pair are new for this year. After having seen the versatility in my Birdies, as soon as I saw these beaut’s I had to track them down. The fact that they seemed to be sold out almost everywhere in my size made the chase that little bit more appealing too (as is always the way with me!).

They were brought to my conscious by Kat over at Does My Bum Look 40, as she was on the same quest. It’s thanks to her that I managed to find them in my size, at a DISCOUNT no less. Check out the post in question here.

These Bea’s are perfect for now, and will see my through next year and beyond too. They are a great colourway, meaning they can be worn with skirts and dresses with black opaques, as well as with black skinny jeans, as styled here. The purple-red colour is much more prune in real-life than in the pictures above, so also goes well with all of this season’s fabulous Oxblood/Burgundy clothes. I love that they are casual yet smart. Great for pushing a Buggy, but also for those smarter-than-usual Friday meetings in the New Year.

Today, my very tired self (poorly baby alert!) is wearing them with:

I think I may have a new obsession forming in all things Ash. If they continue with Press photos like the below, I may be in trouble!

Ash Press Picture

Until next week…

Erin, Love from Cornfield…

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