Tuesday Shoes-Day


Converse All Star Trainers

Doesn’t everyone have a pair of Converse in some guise or another?

My first pair were some bright red hi-tops, bought for me by my Dad on a holiday to San Francisco in 1991. My 11-year old self loved them. I wore them with everything and I’m sure that those shoes (and that holiday) forged my love for all things American.

Suffice to say, that pair died, and I replaced them a couple of years later with a pair of Green hi-tops, bought on a family holiday to the East Coast of Canada. When we returned home, I did wish that I had  bought another Red pair, but I learnt to love them – they were a lovely dark, forest green.

Fast-forward to my early 20’s and my then boyfriend was a “sneaker-freak”, loving all things classic and original. So a pair of white Converse were bought, and I’ve really not looked back (apart from the pair of slim soled Hi-tops I have, but that’s for a different post).

These are about my third pair now, and even these are looking like they need replacing soon (or at least maybe need to see the inside of a washing machine!) I do love that they represent a little bit of America in my everyday life (aside from my job of course!)

Today I’m wearing them with:

  • Coral Long-Sleeve Fine Jersey Top – Gap
  • White Basic Vest – Topshop
  • Black Yoga Pants – Elle at TK Maxx

You guessed it, I was on my way to Yoga (excuse the lack of make up!) A Mother and Baby taster session run by the lovely Laurence from Yogamoo, whom I practiced my Pregnancy Yoga with. It was such a nice hour, and I felt very stretched out afterwards. Bubba seemed to have fun too in the bits he was involved in.

The Converse however are now MUCH worse for wear after having to traipse across a Rugby pitch to the Clubhouse where the session was held. There’s lived in, and then lived in. Perhaps a new pair is calling. I do love a pair of “boxfresh” trainers…. there’s something about all that fresh,white newness that’s so appealing…

Do you have a pair of Converse, and would you deviate from the Classics?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Shoes-Day

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    This week’s trend is Converse and as can see you are a Converse lover, I thought you might be interested in getting involved and tagging yourself in some Converse!

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