The Marathon Diaries: Pre-training (3 weeks to start)


Another Sunday… another week down. Just so I can keep a proper record, I’ve decided to title each of my training entries as they are listed on the App. That way you can all follow my progress with me.

This is the end of my eighth week of pre-training, with two more to do before the real-deal starts.

It’s been a hard week.

Normally, my sessions are on a Tuesday, Friday and then the long run at the weekend on a Sunday, with perhaps some cross-training to break it up a bit on a Wednesday. Life got a little bit in the way this week. Although I did manage to do my prescribed three sessions, they were, wrongly, back to back.

Tuesday the Hubby was out with work, meaning I couldn’t go (and I didn’t want to swap this to Monday as had only just done my long run on the Sunday). I had every intention of going on Wednesday, but after a hectic day involving docs for Little Man and some other shiz, I couldn’t be bothered come 1930 when Hub got home. The docs also meant I missed my cross-training too. Boo. Thursday came, and again, by the time I got home, I didn’t have the inclination (plus it was really raining). I knew Friday would be bad.

However Friday came, and I strapped those shoes on for a 35 minute run. Going first thing in the morning (aided by Mum staying over) meant being fresh, but after a “week off” my legs were heavy. Still, 35 minutes done.

The weekend has brought two runs, both in a change of scenery at my Folks, both full of hills. I’m glad I managed it. Today was a STUNNING day, very cold, but so bright and clear. Perfect for running. Thoughts running through my head today consisted of Skyfall (we went to see it last night), where my Oakley sunglasses might be, the coming week’s logisitcs and remembering to book flights for our holiday next summer.

I was pretty pleased with my 5.88 miles in 60 mins, especially when the target was 5 miles in that time.

I hope this week proves to be back on track – too many rest days makes is so much harder.

Until next Sunday!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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