Tuesday Shoes-Day


Primark Studded Ballet Flats

I have to be in the mood to venture into Primark. There are gems to be found if you can be bothered. Much the same as I find TK Maxx, it’s so much easier to navigate mid-week. Weekend visits are hell.

This particular visit into the store was post-baby in search of some basic vests for the little man (I have long since found out that spending loads of money on more high-end Department store items is futile in the war against baby poop), and on the way up to the Children’s floor, I happened to deviate via the shoes. Of course.

I do have a few pairs of Ballet Flats, and they do serve a purpose, but I do agree that they are not the best footwear for foot-health. I’m sure a Podiatrist friend of mine would be having nightmares right now, as my Mum does often when she sees me wearing ballet shoes (or heels for that matter)… “I didn’t spend all that money on Clarks Startrite for nothing you know…”. I digress.

These particular Ballet Flats stood out for me because the Studs weren’t too in your face. In some lights they look gold, others silver. The studs were also flat, unlike some of the studded shoes out there which are downright dangerous. Weapons on the feet! These were also more Slippers than Ballet shoes, although not TOO slipper-esque, so, for £8, I thought, why not, and put them in the basket.

I’ve worn them a few times since buying them, but I feel they are soon to be relegated to the cupboard now the wet and cold weather has arrived. I will be hoping to wear them again come the spring… unless I’m embracing a new trend, in which case, that’s why Primark is so good. Less throw-away, more try, like, then try something new.

Today I am wearing them with:

  • Cream ‘OMG’ Pop Art Jumper – Primark (bargain at £3!)
  • Bright Blue Limited Collection T-Shirt – Marks & Spencer (just seen)
  • Camel Baxter Skinny Jeans – Topshop

Not the best put-togeter outfit for me, but it was quick and easy on a day when I needed just that.

There are plenty of Studded Flats around at the moment, from the High Street to more high-end versions like this French Sole pair. Are you going to invest this A/W or has the Studded ship sailed for you?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Shoes-Day

  1. This is such a cool outfit, you bargain hunter!! I’m of the same mind, I have to REALLY be in the mood for places like primark but I’m way too lazy and instead end up doing the majority of my shopping online, usually the day before I think I need something!

    Loving the ballet flats though. Can’t wait to meet you this weekend. Michelle xx

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