The Marathon Diaries…



One of the greatest road races in the world… and in less than 6 months I shall be running it. All 26.2 miles.

It’s long been a dream (well target, I don’t think anyone sane dreams to do it) to run the London Marathon. I’m not a natural born runner, but the sense of achievement after having done it is compelling to me. 2013 is set to be my year.

I did have a place to run it in 2012, but I had to defer early in the year as I would have been 7-months pregnant on race day. Small mercies and all that!

Actually, it was a good thing. Although I would have classed myself at the start of 2012 as the fittest I’ve ever been, I now know that I wasn’t. Having gone through so much this year, physically and mentally, I am actually, after having been training for the past seven weeks, getting fitter, and I’m sure that will continue.

I’ve always been a gym-bunny, favouring the treadmill and cross-trainer to the open road, but after forcing myself to start running outdoors, I actually now not only prefer it, but see that it’s so much harder than the indoor running I previously loved.

Running outdoors makes me feel free. It gives me time to think. To be with myself for, currently, those 30-60 minutes. Time that I appreciate now that I’m a Mummy to a 4-month old. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the time I spend with our new son, and wouldn’t change it for the world, but I’m a big believer in having time to yourself. It’s important.

So to the race. Since it’s going to be a one-time thing… it DEFINITELY is. A bucket-list tick off thing if you will.

I thought I’d use my blog as a space to diary my progress so I can remember it. I’m in my pre-training at the moment, following a Beginners plan that will get me to the finish line (hopefully), so every Sunday, I’ll be sharing my progress.

Here it is so far…

Imageย Image

And this is today’s run


The Nike+ Running and Marathon Apps are helping me along. I didn’t want to go today. REALLY didn’t want to go. But I’m glad that I did.

It’s definitely becoming easier, and I get home less of a mess than I did 7 week’s ago. The killer for me are the hills. Reigate is one massive hill, and it’s always UPHILL on the way home. A friend (who has run London a few times and is attempting his second Marathon Des Sables next year) said if I can train in Reigate, London will be a breeze as it’s flat. Let’s hope that’s the case.

Wish me luck with my endeavour. I am running for Charity, even though I got a Ballot place, and will be sharing that will you later on, but for now I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Until next week…

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

3 thoughts on “The Marathon Diaries…

  1. I just found your blog and I wanted to wish you luck for your training and the race! I am thinking about running my very first marathon in April, too, but I don’t have the nuts to make a final decision yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

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