Tuesday Shoes-Day


Limited Collection Cowboy Boots

Another cold day, and another pair of boots this week… some I found whilst rummaging at the bottom of the cupboard.

Today’s choice (well, yesterday’s actually since I’m tardy with the post) are my Limited Collection Cowboy Boots.

I actually bought these from eBay for a fancy dress party about four years ago. They were BNWT, and cost me less than £20 which was great at the time, as I just needed something to finish off my outfit.

Little did I know that roll on Winter 2012, Cowboy boots would be back in fashion!

These are a little more “cowboy” than the styles in the shops at the moment, and if I were going to spend money on a pair of boots to emulate the trend now, I’d definitely go more for the Ash Jalouse style of boot – much more of a nod to the Western trend than full on ‘yee-haa’ territory which I’m in danger of getting into with mine…

There are plenty of Jalouse lookalikes in the shops for those who want something on a budget – like these from good old Marks & Spencer. Personally, I think black keeps things more current than brown, and they could take you beyond just this season.

If however, you did want something similar to mine, they are difficult to find. I guess short of flying to Texas (sweeping generalisation anyone?!) to get the real-deal, this site might have what you are looking for.

I’m wearing the boots with:

  • The New-Yorker cover Dog T-shirt – Zara
  • Denim Mini-Skirt – Etienne Ozecki from TK Maxx
  • Black Opaque Tights – Wolford

I know I’m in Cowgirl-land with the Denim Skirt, but I had a “normal” coat over the top of it all so I promise it didn’t look like I was going to a Rodeo. I am partial to a Stetson though!

What do you think? A trend too far?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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