Tuesday Shoes-Day

Nike Fitsole LunarGlide 2 Trail Running shoes

There was always going to be a point when this post meant sharing my running shoes, so now is as good a time as any since these may not be around forever.

I’ve gone through many pairs of trainers in my lifetime. From the first pair that were bought from the school kit-list to these, they have, on the most part, been there to serve a purpose. PE, Games, Gym, call it what you will, what trainers I had on my feet didn’t really bother me, they were just a means to an end.

These Nike’s were my first considered purchase. I bought them from the Nike Store on Union Sq in San Francisco whilst on Honeymoon. I knew I needed some new kicks (my others had taken a pounding from all the exercise Pre-wedding. Ahem) but also knew I wanted the right ones.

These seemed to fit the bill. Light, colourful AND with Nike+. Sold.

Now I’m actually training for the Marathon I feel I may need something more professional. We’ll see what Runners Need says. However, they’ve seen me though over 150 miles so far… and still going strong.

I’m wearing them today with my standard running kit which consists of the usual gear… Mostly Karrimoor in this case.

‘Til next week

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

The Marathon Diaries: Pre-Training (2 weeks to start)

No picture this week I’m afraid as I’m ashamed. I’m going to hold my hands up and say that this week has not gone well. In fact, I fell off the wagon that I’d been so good at staying on.

I have always tried really hard to fit everything in, to make sure that work, rest and play slotted into my schedule, sometimes to the detriment of my sanity, but this week, I just couldn’t do it.

I’m going to blame the wild weather. The wind, I think, makes people skittish. At least it does me anyway!

I started the week out well – a nice 35 minute run on Tuesday which didn’t feel too bad. I managed to do my normal 35 minute route a fraction faster than I had been doing, and I didn’t arrive home a wreck despite the pace being kept high – average page – 9.51′ per mile. Not bad.

Then it went to pot.

I had every intention of going running on Wednesday, and then long run on Friday, as I knew I wouldn’t have the time over the weekend due to a commitment. I’d been gearing myself up all day for Wednesday, and then the Husband phoned and said he was coming home late. OK, but my Mum was coming. All was not lost. Cue the phone call to say her train was delayed. By the time they were both in, it was 7.45pm, wet and windy. I was hungry. I did not feel like the 40 minute scheduled run. Supper and PJ’s it was.

I then thought, it’s OK, I’ll go Thursday, long run on Friday. Schedule still fine, although not ideal (see back to back running). Thursday came and went, and again, no run.

Friday, I don’t know what happened, but I just forgot to go in the morning, so I was resigned to the fact I wasn’t going to fit the last two scheduled runs in.

I did have a moment of madness on Friday night which made me think I’d go Saturday morning as soon as I woke, and STILL make my 8am train, but seriously, what was I thinking? That was never going to happen.

My self pep-talk has been that this week I’ll just carry on as scheduled, and really, at least I went once. This coming week is three relatively easy runs, and I’m gunning for some cross-training too.

Time to get back on that running horse!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day


Converse All Star Trainers

Doesn’t everyone have a pair of Converse in some guise or another?

My first pair were some bright red hi-tops, bought for me by my Dad on a holiday to San Francisco in 1991. My 11-year old self loved them. I wore them with everything and I’m sure that those shoes (and that holiday) forged my love for all things American.

Suffice to say, that pair died, and I replaced them a couple of years later with a pair of Green hi-tops, bought on a family holiday to the East Coast of Canada. When we returned home, I did wish that I had  bought another Red pair, but I learnt to love them – they were a lovely dark, forest green.

Fast-forward to my early 20’s and my then boyfriend was a “sneaker-freak”, loving all things classic and original. So a pair of white Converse were bought, and I’ve really not looked back (apart from the pair of slim soled Hi-tops I have, but that’s for a different post).

These are about my third pair now, and even these are looking like they need replacing soon (or at least maybe need to see the inside of a washing machine!) I do love that they represent a little bit of America in my everyday life (aside from my job of course!)

Today I’m wearing them with:

  • Coral Long-Sleeve Fine Jersey Top – Gap
  • White Basic Vest – Topshop
  • Black Yoga Pants – Elle at TK Maxx

You guessed it, I was on my way to Yoga (excuse the lack of make up!) A Mother and Baby taster session run by the lovely Laurence from Yogamoo, whom I practiced my Pregnancy Yoga with. It was such a nice hour, and I felt very stretched out afterwards. Bubba seemed to have fun too in the bits he was involved in.

The Converse however are now MUCH worse for wear after having to traipse across a Rugby pitch to the Clubhouse where the session was held. There’s lived in, and then lived in. Perhaps a new pair is calling. I do love a pair of “boxfresh” trainers…. there’s something about all that fresh,white newness that’s so appealing…

Do you have a pair of Converse, and would you deviate from the Classics?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

The Marathon Diaries: Pre-training (3 weeks to start)


Another Sunday… another week down. Just so I can keep a proper record, I’ve decided to title each of my training entries as they are listed on the App. That way you can all follow my progress with me.

This is the end of my eighth week of pre-training, with two more to do before the real-deal starts.

It’s been a hard week.

Normally, my sessions are on a Tuesday, Friday and then the long run at the weekend on a Sunday, with perhaps some cross-training to break it up a bit on a Wednesday. Life got a little bit in the way this week. Although I did manage to do my prescribed three sessions, they were, wrongly, back to back.

Tuesday the Hubby was out with work, meaning I couldn’t go (and I didn’t want to swap this to Monday as had only just done my long run on the Sunday). I had every intention of going on Wednesday, but after a hectic day involving docs for Little Man and some other shiz, I couldn’t be bothered come 1930 when Hub got home. The docs also meant I missed my cross-training too. Boo. Thursday came, and again, by the time I got home, I didn’t have the inclination (plus it was really raining). I knew Friday would be bad.

However Friday came, and I strapped those shoes on for a 35 minute run. Going first thing in the morning (aided by Mum staying over) meant being fresh, but after a “week off” my legs were heavy. Still, 35 minutes done.

The weekend has brought two runs, both in a change of scenery at my Folks, both full of hills. I’m glad I managed it. Today was a STUNNING day, very cold, but so bright and clear. Perfect for running. Thoughts running through my head today consisted of Skyfall (we went to see it last night), where my Oakley sunglasses might be, the coming week’s logisitcs and remembering to book flights for our holiday next summer.

I was pretty pleased with my 5.88 miles in 60 mins, especially when the target was 5 miles in that time.

I hope this week proves to be back on track – too many rest days makes is so much harder.

Until next Sunday!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day


Primark Studded Ballet Flats

I have to be in the mood to venture into Primark. There are gems to be found if you can be bothered. Much the same as I find TK Maxx, it’s so much easier to navigate mid-week. Weekend visits are hell.

This particular visit into the store was post-baby in search of some basic vests for the little man (I have long since found out that spending loads of money on more high-end Department store items is futile in the war against baby poop), and on the way up to the Children’s floor, I happened to deviate via the shoes. Of course.

I do have a few pairs of Ballet Flats, and they do serve a purpose, but I do agree that they are not the best footwear for foot-health. I’m sure a Podiatrist friend of mine would be having nightmares right now, as my Mum does often when she sees me wearing ballet shoes (or heels for that matter)… “I didn’t spend all that money on Clarks Startrite for nothing you know…”. I digress.

These particular Ballet Flats stood out for me because the Studs weren’t too in your face. In some lights they look gold, others silver. The studs were also flat, unlike some of the studded shoes out there which are downright dangerous. Weapons on the feet! These were also more Slippers than Ballet shoes, although not TOO slipper-esque, so, for £8, I thought, why not, and put them in the basket.

I’ve worn them a few times since buying them, but I feel they are soon to be relegated to the cupboard now the wet and cold weather has arrived. I will be hoping to wear them again come the spring… unless I’m embracing a new trend, in which case, that’s why Primark is so good. Less throw-away, more try, like, then try something new.

Today I am wearing them with:

  • Cream ‘OMG’ Pop Art Jumper – Primark (bargain at £3!)
  • Bright Blue Limited Collection T-Shirt – Marks & Spencer (just seen)
  • Camel Baxter Skinny Jeans – Topshop

Not the best put-togeter outfit for me, but it was quick and easy on a day when I needed just that.

There are plenty of Studded Flats around at the moment, from the High Street to more high-end versions like this French Sole pair. Are you going to invest this A/W or has the Studded ship sailed for you?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

The Marathon Diaries…



One of the greatest road races in the world… and in less than 6 months I shall be running it. All 26.2 miles.

It’s long been a dream (well target, I don’t think anyone sane dreams to do it) to run the London Marathon. I’m not a natural born runner, but the sense of achievement after having done it is compelling to me. 2013 is set to be my year.

I did have a place to run it in 2012, but I had to defer early in the year as I would have been 7-months pregnant on race day. Small mercies and all that!

Actually, it was a good thing. Although I would have classed myself at the start of 2012 as the fittest I’ve ever been, I now know that I wasn’t. Having gone through so much this year, physically and mentally, I am actually, after having been training for the past seven weeks, getting fitter, and I’m sure that will continue.

I’ve always been a gym-bunny, favouring the treadmill and cross-trainer to the open road, but after forcing myself to start running outdoors, I actually now not only prefer it, but see that it’s so much harder than the indoor running I previously loved.

Running outdoors makes me feel free. It gives me time to think. To be with myself for, currently, those 30-60 minutes. Time that I appreciate now that I’m a Mummy to a 4-month old. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the time I spend with our new son, and wouldn’t change it for the world, but I’m a big believer in having time to yourself. It’s important.

So to the race. Since it’s going to be a one-time thing… it DEFINITELY is. A bucket-list tick off thing if you will.

I thought I’d use my blog as a space to diary my progress so I can remember it. I’m in my pre-training at the moment, following a Beginners plan that will get me to the finish line (hopefully), so every Sunday, I’ll be sharing my progress.

Here it is so far…

Image Image

And this is today’s run


The Nike+ Running and Marathon Apps are helping me along. I didn’t want to go today. REALLY didn’t want to go. But I’m glad that I did.

It’s definitely becoming easier, and I get home less of a mess than I did 7 week’s ago. The killer for me are the hills. Reigate is one massive hill, and it’s always UPHILL on the way home. A friend (who has run London a few times and is attempting his second Marathon Des Sables next year) said if I can train in Reigate, London will be a breeze as it’s flat. Let’s hope that’s the case.

Wish me luck with my endeavour. I am running for Charity, even though I got a Ballot place, and will be sharing that will you later on, but for now I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Until next week…

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day


Limited Collection Cowboy Boots

Another cold day, and another pair of boots this week… some I found whilst rummaging at the bottom of the cupboard.

Today’s choice (well, yesterday’s actually since I’m tardy with the post) are my Limited Collection Cowboy Boots.

I actually bought these from eBay for a fancy dress party about four years ago. They were BNWT, and cost me less than £20 which was great at the time, as I just needed something to finish off my outfit.

Little did I know that roll on Winter 2012, Cowboy boots would be back in fashion!

These are a little more “cowboy” than the styles in the shops at the moment, and if I were going to spend money on a pair of boots to emulate the trend now, I’d definitely go more for the Ash Jalouse style of boot – much more of a nod to the Western trend than full on ‘yee-haa’ territory which I’m in danger of getting into with mine…

There are plenty of Jalouse lookalikes in the shops for those who want something on a budget – like these from good old Marks & Spencer. Personally, I think black keeps things more current than brown, and they could take you beyond just this season.

If however, you did want something similar to mine, they are difficult to find. I guess short of flying to Texas (sweeping generalisation anyone?!) to get the real-deal, this site might have what you are looking for.

I’m wearing the boots with:

  • The New-Yorker cover Dog T-shirt – Zara
  • Denim Mini-Skirt – Etienne Ozecki from TK Maxx
  • Black Opaque Tights – Wolford

I know I’m in Cowgirl-land with the Denim Skirt, but I had a “normal” coat over the top of it all so I promise it didn’t look like I was going to a Rodeo. I am partial to a Stetson though!

What do you think? A trend too far?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X