Tuesday Shoes-Day


Zara Two-Tone Riding Boots

It’s definitely colder than it was last week, so I’ve dug the Boots (and opaques) out!

Today’s Tuesday Shoes-Day choice are some Zara Two-Tone Riding boots that I bought about two Winter’s ago.

I’m not what you would describe as a horsey person in my every day life. I used to ride a little bit for fun aged around 14/15 but the lure of a Saturday job and extra spending money meant that I gave it up. That, and the fact that my horse Major, whom I’m sure was a Shire-cross, threw me off a couple of times.

Anyway, back to the shoes. As I was saying, even though I’m not a horsey person, I love the look that Riding Boots can give to an outfit. Even a uniform of jeans and a simple top can be made to look a little smarter when wearing them.

I particularly liked this pair at the time as they are not all one colour, and the two-tone isn’t too contrasting. There are some fabulous Black and Chestnut versions in the shops this winter, but I like the fact that these are black and dark brown – very subtle. I also like that they are pull on, and not made overly fussy with extra zips or fittings. I sometimes have a problem with pull on boots (must have been all the cycling when I was younger!) but these fit really well.

I can’t find anything similar in Zara this year, but I’m sure there are some to be found. These beaut’s from Celine would do a job!


I’m wearing the boots today with:

  • Grey Jumper Dress – Monsoon
  • Dull Gold Necklace – H&M

What do you think of riding boots? Too ‘utilitarian’ or a way to finish off a look?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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