I LOVE Halloween.

‘Tis true. Every year in the lead up to October 31st, I get so excited, especially around the start of September when all the toot starts to arrive in the shops. Actually, M&S are great at their Halloween selection, and it can, by no means, be described as toot, but you know what I mean. All the decorations, and Orange & Black themed food. It also means the beginning of the lead up to Christmas…!

I’m not sure when the love for this event began, but Halloween as a child for me used to be carving pumpkins with all my cousins, to then take to my Nana’s Annual Guy Fawkes celebration, on the Saturday between Halloween and Bonfire Night.

We were never able to ‘Trick or Treat’ as we lived in the country, and the space between houses, no street lights and a dark wood opposite was not conducive to it. However, we did used to have a HUGE Bonfire at my Nana’s (to be fair, she did nearly have an acre of a garden), and as well as the Pumpkin Carving, we Apple bobbed and made a Guy.

Those were the days. I remember my parents, along with all my Aunties & Uncles making the Bonfire, and then arguing over who would light it/set the fireworks alight. Such a lovely family get-together.

As I got older, it’s was all about the Costume Parties and the Scariest drinks that could be consumed. I have hosted a fair few Halloween parties, and they have always been fun, memorable (for one reason or another) affairs.

Now I feel as though I have come full circle.

With a little boy of our own, I can’t wait for him to be old enough to help collect leaves, and Carve pumpkins with us – and later to host parties for him and his friends. I will never tire of buying that toot on an annual basis.

Until then though, he’ll have to put up with me dressing him up – as I’ve done and will be doing this on the day this year.


Happy Halloween everyone, hope your October 31st’s are fun and spoooooooky occasions!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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