Discovered: Estella Bartlett Jewellery


Estella Bartlett Jewellery

I was in town yesterday looking to buy some ‘Thank You’ cards and I came across these wonderful little bracelets in a local store, The Lemon Tree.

I’m a big fan of small bracelets that you can wear for a little bit of wrist-bling, or add to existing pieces for a nice layered effect. This particular bracelet also came with different coloured threads to suit your mood.

On further investigation once I got home, Estella makes a whole set of these lovely little “friendship” bracelets, from words such as Superstar (which is what I have) to Grace. I think they would make wonderful gifts for something like a Baby Shower, Hen Do, or perhaps even Wedding Favours… in fact they remind me a little of the Wish Bracelets that we gave to our female Wedding Guests on our Big Day…


Having looked on the website further, I also adore all the fine necklaces and the Luella ring, not least because that’s my Mum’s name, although spelt differently (she’s Louella). The biggest online stockist I can find is NotOnTheHighStreet, but I’m sure boutiques local to you will stock them too.

I shall definitely be adding to my Estella Bartlett bracelet collection…The Navy Blue Wish design has my name on it.


Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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