Tuesday Shoes-day


It’s an absolutely AWFUL, shameful situation when you have to add filters to cover a bad picture isn’t it?

This is my Shoe cupboard. Ahem.

YUP, I have a whole cupboard full of my shoes, much to the dismay of my ever tolerant Husband, especially since we live in a Victorian house with next to no storage and a new baby.

You see I ADORE shoes. I must have over 200 pairs. At the last count, which was around three years ago as we moved into our now home, it was 212. Some have been discarded since then, some have been bought, so I’m sure we are not now below 200.

I’m not entirely sure when this fetish began (probably with my first pair of little-girl heels aged around eight, bought for me by my Mum – a pair of Grey Patent Leather Mary-Janes) but ever since I began working and earning myself, the obsession has grown.

Shoes for me are a constant. No matter what my (fluctuating) weight is, or whether I’m pregnant or not, I am a steadfast UK Size 7. A Euro 40. The book and subsequent film In Her Shoes really struck a chord.

So…to the meaning of this post.

Whilst searching for a pair on Saturday (which of course happened to be at the bottom of the cupboard) the whole lot came crashing down. After promising I’d tidy it all up, the idea came, via the Husband, of a weekly post. Tuesday Shoes-day was born.

Every week, on a Tuesday, I shall be sharing a different pair of my shoes with you… What they are, where they are from and the story behind why I have them. Husband thinks I have at LEAST three years of content in this feature. I begged to differ. We’ll see who’s right.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you…

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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