Tuesday Shoes-Day


Zara Two-Tone Riding Boots

It’s definitely colder than it was last week, so I’ve dug the Boots (and opaques) out!

Today’s Tuesday Shoes-Day choice are some Zara Two-Tone Riding boots that I bought about two Winter’s ago.

I’m not what you would describe as a horsey person in my every day life. I used to ride a little bit for fun aged around 14/15 but the lure of a Saturday job and extra spending money meant that I gave it up. That, and the fact that my horse Major, whom I’m sure was a Shire-cross, threw me off a couple of times.

Anyway, back to the shoes. As I was saying, even though I’m not a horsey person, I love the look that Riding Boots can give to an outfit. Even a uniform of jeans and a simple top can be made to look a little smarter when wearing them.

I particularly liked this pair at the time as they are not all one colour, and the two-tone isn’t too contrasting. There are some fabulous Black and Chestnut versions in the shops this winter, but I like the fact that these are black and dark brown – very subtle. I also like that they are pull on, and not made overly fussy with extra zips or fittings. I sometimes have a problem with pull on boots (must have been all the cycling when I was younger!) but these fit really well.

I can’t find anything similar in Zara this year, but I’m sure there are some to be found. These beaut’s from Celine would do a job!


I’m wearing the boots today with:

  • Grey Jumper Dress – Monsoon
  • Dull Gold Necklace – H&M

What do you think of riding boots? Too ‘utilitarian’ or a way to finish off a look?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X



I LOVE Halloween.

‘Tis true. Every year in the lead up to October 31st, I get so excited, especially around the start of September when all the toot starts to arrive in the shops. Actually, M&S are great at their Halloween selection, and it can, by no means, be described as toot, but you know what I mean. All the decorations, and Orange & Black themed food. It also means the beginning of the lead up to Christmas…!

I’m not sure when the love for this event began, but Halloween as a child for me used to be carving pumpkins with all my cousins, to then take to my Nana’s Annual Guy Fawkes celebration, on the Saturday between Halloween and Bonfire Night.

We were never able to ‘Trick or Treat’ as we lived in the country, and the space between houses, no street lights and a dark wood opposite was not conducive to it. However, we did used to have a HUGE Bonfire at my Nana’s (to be fair, she did nearly have an acre of a garden), and as well as the Pumpkin Carving, we Apple bobbed and made a Guy.

Those were the days. I remember my parents, along with all my Aunties & Uncles making the Bonfire, and then arguing over who would light it/set the fireworks alight. Such a lovely family get-together.

As I got older, it’s was all about the Costume Parties and the Scariest drinks that could be consumed. I have hosted a fair few Halloween parties, and they have always been fun, memorable (for one reason or another) affairs.

Now I feel as though I have come full circle.

With a little boy of our own, I can’t wait for him to be old enough to help collect leaves, and Carve pumpkins with us – and later to host parties for him and his friends. I will never tire of buying that toot on an annual basis.

Until then though, he’ll have to put up with me dressing him up – as I’ve done and will be doing this on the day this year.


Happy Halloween everyone, hope your October 31st’s are fun and spoooooooky occasions!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Discovered: Estella Bartlett Jewellery


Estella Bartlett Jewellery

I was in town yesterday looking to buy some ‘Thank You’ cards and I came across these wonderful little bracelets in a local store, The Lemon Tree.

I’m a big fan of small bracelets that you can wear for a little bit of wrist-bling, or add to existing pieces for a nice layered effect. This particular bracelet also came with different coloured threads to suit your mood.

On further investigation once I got home, Estella makes a whole set of these lovely little “friendship” bracelets, from words such as Superstar (which is what I have) to Grace. I think they would make wonderful gifts for something like a Baby Shower, Hen Do, or perhaps even Wedding Favours… in fact they remind me a little of the Wish Bracelets that we gave to our female Wedding Guests on our Big Day…


Having looked on the website further, I also adore all the fine necklaces and the Luella ring, not least because that’s my Mum’s name, although spelt differently (she’s Louella). The biggest online stockist I can find is NotOnTheHighStreet, but I’m sure boutiques local to you will stock them too.

I shall definitely be adding to my Estella Bartlett bracelet collection…The Navy Blue Wish design has my name on it.


Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day


Ash Birdy Wedge Trainer in Camel

Today’s Tuesday Shoes-Day choice are my Ash Birdy Wedge Trainers in Camel.

I bought these last Autumn from Coggles in the Sale. I remember them being hugely reduced which was the tipping point for me buying them. I don’t often shop from Coggles but it’s one of those online stores that I go to every so often for something different. It reminds me of one of the shops we have in Reigate, stocking items out of the norm, which I love.

I did dally a bit over the purchase though as Wedge trainers have always been a bit of a sticking point with me. Some of the styles out there are WAY to street for me to even attempt to pull off, but the combination of the lovely camel-coloured leather, and their more “boot” like appearance, spurred me to give them a try.

They have become a wardrobe staple, especially since becoming a Mummy. The added bit of height they give means I can still feel a little bit glam even though I’m dressing down most of the time. They work as well with Skinny trousers as they do with Bootcut jeans. In fact, I love them so much, I’m really tempted by these Ash beauties, which I know Kat from over at DoesMyBumLook40 loves too. I will have to wait though… they are WAY out of my price range. Maybe I’ll pick up another bargain come the Sales. One lives in hope.

Sadly, the Birdy is no longer available as far as I can tell, but the replacement is the Bowie Wedge, at an eye-watering £199 from ASOS. I’m struggling with the difference, other than the cost, but I am really glad I managed to get mine last year.

Today I have (tried, but with a three month old it’s hard) to style them with:

  • Camouflage Skinny Trousers with Zips, Green – Zara
  • Nude Oversized T-Shirt (actually Maternity but works well for hurried days like today) – ASOS

Apologies too about the hair. The misty morning, which turned into an all-day ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ type fog in Reigate, played havoc, so a Pony was the only way to go.

Does anyone else have these trainers and love them as much as me? How do you style them?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Cook…! Banana Bread


Last week was National Baking Week and with all this talk of cakes and baking, and The Great British Bake Off on TV, I knew I had to do something.

I do love baking, but I don’t have the time to do it well. I need uncomplicated, tried and tested recipes that I know will turn out well, even if a few short cuts (electric whisks!) are introduced.

It also doesn’t help that my Mum makes THE best cakes. She puts this down to having a Gas and not Electric oven, which may be true, but as we have the latter, I can’t really argue.

And so on to my choice of cake.

It was Son’s Christening yesterday so I needed a sharing type cake, and I have a friend who can’t eat Citrus… Florence Finds Banana Bread it was!

Such a simple recipe, we had bananas available from our Abel & Cole delivery earlier in the week, and that’s it. Followed to the letter, except my cake took 1.5 hours in the oven, it was delicious.

My citrus-evading friend also described it as a ‘Hug in a Cake’ as it reminded her of the Banana Bread her Gran used to make.

Pleasure all round!

If you’d like to try it yourself, the recipe’s here

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-day


It’s an absolutely AWFUL, shameful situation when you have to add filters to cover a bad picture isn’t it?

This is my Shoe cupboard. Ahem.

YUP, I have a whole cupboard full of my shoes, much to the dismay of my ever tolerant Husband, especially since we live in a Victorian house with next to no storage and a new baby.

You see I ADORE shoes. I must have over 200 pairs. At the last count, which was around three years ago as we moved into our now home, it was 212. Some have been discarded since then, some have been bought, so I’m sure we are not now below 200.

I’m not entirely sure when this fetish began (probably with my first pair of little-girl heels aged around eight, bought for me by my Mum – a pair of Grey Patent Leather Mary-Janes) but ever since I began working and earning myself, the obsession has grown.

Shoes for me are a constant. No matter what my (fluctuating) weight is, or whether I’m pregnant or not, I am a steadfast UK Size 7. A Euro 40. The book and subsequent film In Her Shoes really struck a chord.

So…to the meaning of this post.

Whilst searching for a pair on Saturday (which of course happened to be at the bottom of the cupboard) the whole lot came crashing down. After promising I’d tidy it all up, the idea came, via the Husband, of a weekly post. Tuesday Shoes-day was born.

Every week, on a Tuesday, I shall be sharing a different pair of my shoes with you… What they are, where they are from and the story behind why I have them. Husband thinks I have at LEAST three years of content in this feature. I begged to differ. We’ll see who’s right.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you…

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

With a little help from friends…


This is my futile attempt of an apology for not posting something for yet another two months even though I promised back in August that I would. Such a small word, but I really do mean it this time… I am actually going to be doing something about it.

You see the thing is, I’m a bit of a Blog-numpty. I have all the dreams and thoughts about what I’d like to achieve, as I shared in my very first post, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. At all.

It’s become very apparent to me whilst I’ve been off on Maternity Leave that many, many blogs out there from very talented Ladies and Gentlemen, are all engaging, witty, beautiful and current. They are captivating, and I just don’t know how to achieve that. I have the words and ideas, but I need the know-how.

This is where I “need a little help from my friends”.

Rebecca and Michelle, both of whom have very successful blogs of their own, started Dream.Find.Do. back in the Summer. They recently hosted a workshop in everything that I need in Manchester as I was so disappointed that I couldn’t go. But amazingly, they are COMING TO LONDON! So I’ve booked.

Roll on November, and hopefully the real “start of something good”

I can’t wait.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… x

If you’d like to book onto the London Workshop, click here