The Start of Something Good…


When I was young, the thought of keeping a diary always appealed to me. Every year I’d ask for a paper diary for Christmas, and every year on January 1st, I’d start writing.

I never completed a month.

In hindsight, I now know why this was. For me, keeping a diary wasn’t supposed to be about writing down my deepest, darkest thoughts, never to to shared, or secrets that I never wanted revealed. I can see now that my younger-self wanted somewhere to write down and share all that made her happy, somewhere to keep the things that she loved, to be referred back to. A scrap-book of sorts. The Twitter-cum-Pinterest of the 1980s.

So… fast-forward 20 years, and here it is.  My ‘diary’ of now. A place for me to share the things that I love, and thoughts that I have, in the hope that they will inspire, help guide and entertain.

You may not agree with or love the same things that I do, but that’s OK. If we were all the same, the world would be boring wouldn’t it – that’s what makes life interesting.

So I do hope you enjoy what will grow and evolve over the next few weeks and months… I’ll certainly enjoy sharing it all with you.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

2 thoughts on “The Start of Something Good…

  1. Love your ‘About’ – that’s exactly why I started a blog (just last month!). It’s so nice having a chance to talk (write!) about all that you love.
    Feel free to check me out!

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